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Fresher Than You Are Herbal Mouthwash


Clove, myrrh, and thyme are all powerful anti-bacterial herbs that can relieve mouth sores, remove plaque, prevent gingivitis, and reduce gum inflammation. The peppermint hydrosol and essential oil leaves you with the freshest breath! 




Peppermint Hydrosol, Myrrh, Thyme, Clove infused in 180 proof alcohol, Peppermint Essential Oil 


Swish 1 tbsp in mouth once a day. Can be used as a concentrate or straight (add a dash to 4 oz of water). Do not swallow. 



  • 🌿MYRRH is an antiseptic (cleansing) and anti-inflammatory that has been shown to reduce gingivitis, relieve inflamed/bleeding gums, and overall reduce swelling in the gums
  • 🌿THYME is an anti-bacterial that can be helpful for avoiding oral infections. It also fights bad breath.
  • 🌿CLOVE contains eugenol, which is an anesthetic and antibacterial agent. This is helpful for any type of oral pain. It also is known to fight cavities and gum disease.
  • 🌿PEPPERMINT smells super fresh and is an effective way to reduce plaque and help cleanse the teeth and gums.


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