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Help boost your physical stamina and kick start your immune system with our fiery Golden Elixir. 


We created this elixir with an apple cider vinegar base. With antimicrobial properties, this will immediately stimulate your digestive juices allowing you to feel the effects.




Horseradish, Jalapeno Pepper, Ginger, Sage, Tulsi, Cinnamon, Clove, Turmeric, Rosehips, Peppercorns, Jake's Family Maple Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar


Take a swig when you feel symptoms of sickness. Take several times a week to promote overall immune health. 


  • 🦠HORSERADISH is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, helping the body fight off infections.
  • 🌶️JALAPEÑO peppers are rich in vitamin c and contain antioxidants which help maintain healthy cells. Hot peppers also stimulate blood flow and promote heart health.
  • 🌞GINGER is good for the digestive tract, and can relieve muscle and arthritis pain.
  • 🌿SAGE is a great remedy for soothing and healing the respiratory system, and its anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties can help strengthen the body’s immune system and ability to fight infections.
  • 💜TULSI is an adaptogen that can help the body adapt to stressors. It is anti-inflammatory and antiviral, and can help improve lung function and provide relief for ailments such as asthma
  • 🤎CINNAMON and CLOVE are potent anti-bacterial components that boost the immune system.
  • 🧡TURMERIC is known to enhance the body’s antibody response, and contains curcumin, a strong anti-inflammatory. Peppercorns assist turmeric to active the healing properties by allowing them to be absorbed by the body.
  • 🌹ROSEHIPS contain a lot of vitamin C, A, and E, and therefore they contain a lot of antioxidants that prevent the growth of harmful cells and boost the immune system.



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