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This caffeine free herbal tea blend helps aid in breast milk production while nourishing your hard-working body by replenishing the body's nutrients. 



Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Chamomile, Alfalfa, Rose Hips, Peppermint, Calendula, Rose Petals



  • RASPBERRY LEAF: Antacid, anti-nauseous, antidiarrheal & uterine tonic. Supports women's reproductive health.
  • RED CLOVER: Lymphatic, phytoestrogen & blood purifier. Used for skin conditions, cancer, swollen lymph glands, and liver detoxification.
  • CHAMOMILE: Antispasmodic, digestive tonic & nervine. Calms the nerves & settles the stomach.
  • ALFALFA: Blood thinner, galactagogue, mineralizer & nutritive. Acts as a mild alterative & blood purifier, aiding in mineral deficiencies.
  • ROSE HIPS: Anti-inflammatory, anitbacterial, antidepressant & astringent. Strengthens capillaries & are rich in bioflavonoids & vitamin C.
  • PEPPERMINT: Antacid & anti-nauseous. Supports effects on the nervous system, stomach & colon.
  • CALENDULA: Astringent & vulnerary. Commonly used to speed tissue healing.
  • ROSE PETALS: Uplifting. Helps reduce stress & promotes happiness.



ALTERATIVE - gradually restores bodily functions and health

ANTISPASMODIC - prevents cramping and spasms in muscles

ASTRINGENT - constricts tissues, reducing the discharge of blood serum and mucus

GALACTAGOGUE - promotes the flow of mothers milk

LYMPHATIC - increases lymphatic blood flow away from areas of inflammation, in order to allow fresh lymph to replace it for cell repair

PHYTOESTROGEN - mimics estrogen in the body, good for estrogen deficiency

VULNERARY - supports tissue healing, reduces inflammation



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